King StarBoard®

The original marine grade high-density polyethylene building sheet.

Now Available for Upgrade with King FlameShield for our ASTM E-84 Class A or B Flame/Smoke Compliance and CAN/ULC-S102 for Canadian Compliance

King StarBoard® is the original marine-grade high-density polyethylene and the industry standard. It is the product of a proprietary process called K-Stran®, the most advanced manufacturing process available for producing consistently flat continuous sheets. King StarBoard® is environmentally stabilized to withstand the harshest marine conditions. It will not rot or discolor like teak and other solid woods, and it will not delaminate like wood laminates. King StarBoard® is easy to work with using standard woodworking tools, and design changes are a snap. In addition, the installed cost of King StarBoard® is less than teak, other common marine woods, and fiberglass. Plus, our large sheet sizes maximize your yield. Boat buyers appreciate King StarBoard®’s low-maintenance finish. Repair and refinishing due to weathering and decay are eliminated, and cleaning is easy. King StarBoard® has a handsome matte finish on both sides to hide scuffs and scratches that would show on glossy textured sheets or acrylics.
King StarBoard® is upgradable with our exclusive antimicrobial additive King MicroShield®. The latest technology for protecting the product surface against a broad spectrum of damaging bacteria, algae, and fungi by reducing the amount of microbes by 99.99% and killing the microbes on contact. See our King MicroShield® page for more information.

Popular Applications

Hatches, Doors, Grab Rails & Handles, Step and Dock Boxes, Rod & Cup Holders, Countertops, Chairs, Tray Tables, Frames and Trim.

General Applications

  • Made of the finest polymers available, using our
    proprietary K-Stran process for superior flatness
    and consistency.
  • Environmentally stabilized for harsh sun and tough
    marine environments.
  • Will not rot, swell, splinter or delaminate when exposed
    to humidity or water.
  • Precise tolerances ensure consistent color, thickness and
    density, even for special thickness gauges and custom
    order colors.
  • Easy to fabricate with standard woodworking tools and
    requires little or no finishing.
  • Available in eight standard colors to match or accent
    any gelcoat.
  • Unlimited custom/proprietary colors.
  • Durable matte-textured surface on both sides.
  • Easy to clean and never needs refinishing.
  • Edges finish cleanly and easily.
  • Forms easily for smooth curves.
  • Has passed the Federal Motor Vehicle Standard 302 fire
    test required for use in motor vehicles, including
    motor homes.
  • Available in large sheets up to 54” x 96” or 48” x 96”.
  • Custom sheet sizes available.
  • Shipped with a protective masking on one side.
  • Proven on thousands of boats and yachts.
  • Experienced boat builders and boaters know the King StarBoard® brand and trust it more than any other.

Sheet Size:(in/mm)
48″ x 96″ (1219mm x 2438mm) | 54″ x 96″ (1371.6 mm x 2438mm)
Please note the only Black and White/White may be order in 48″ x 96″
All colors are standard in 54″ x 96″

Standard Gauge:(in)
1/4″ | 3/8″ | 1/2″ | 3/4″ | 1″ | 1-1/2″
1-1/2″ not available in 54″ x 96″

Approximate Weight:(lbs)
48″ x 96″
40 lbs | 60 lbs | 80 lbs | 120 lbs | 160 lbs | 240 lbs
54″ x 96″
45 lbs | 67.5 lbs | 90 lbs | 135 lbs | 180 lbs

Standard Gauge:(mm)
6.4mm | 9.53mm | 12.7mm | 19mm  |  25.4mm  |  38.1mm

Approximate Weight: (kg)
1219mm x 2438mm
18kg | 27kg | 36kg | 54kg | 72.5kg |109kg
1371.6 mm x 2438mm
20kg | 31kg | 41kg | 61kg | 81kg

Tolerance information: Gauges ± 5%, both width and length Plus Only at room temperature.

Custom sheet sizes and gauges available.

Chemcial Resistance

Properties Units ASTM Nominal Values
Density g/cc D1505 .96
Tensile Strength @ Yield psi D638 >4100
Tensile Modulus psi D638 225,000
Elongation @ Break % D638 >699
Elongation @ Yield % D638 9.8
Flexural Modulus psi D790 185,000
Flexural Stress @ 5% Strain psi D790 3,810
Compressive Properties 10% Strain psi D695 4,950
Durometer Shore D D2240 68
Tensile Impact ft.lbs./in.2 D1822 115
Izod Impact Resistance ft.lbs./in.2  D256 1.1
Brittleness Temp. ºF D746 <-105º
Vicat Softening  ºF  D1525  253º
Heat Deflection Temp. 66 psi ºF  D648  167º
Screw and Nail Withdrawl lbs D1761 657 & 63
Slip Resistance (wet) - D2047

*All values are determined on specimens prepared according to ASTM. Nominal values should not be interpreted as specifications.
King StarBoard® is made entirely from FDA and USDA approved materials.
King StarBoard® meets ASTM D4976 PE235

RoHS Statement

Properties Units ASTM Nominal Values
Density g/cc D1505 1.3 – 1.35
Tensile Strength @ Yield p.s.i. D638 3780
Tensile Strength @ Break p.s.i. D663 1,170
Elongation @ Yield % D638 8.6
Elongation @ Break % D638 53
Flexural Modulus p.s.i. D790 179,000
Durometer (Hardness) Shore D D2240 71
Flexural Stress @ 5% Strain psi D790 4330
Vicat Softening ºF D1525 264
Heat Deflection Temp.
ºF D648 188
Coefficient of Linear
Thermal Expansion
in./in./ºF D696 6×10-5
Class A Class B
Surface Burning Characteristics FSI & SDI E-84 20 & 60  60 & 450
Surface Burning Characteristics FSI & SDI  ULC-S102 20 & 65  60 & 450



Protect Your Interests with E-84 Class A or B Flame Compliance Polymer Sheets from King Plastic Corporation
Available in King StarBoard® Products

The ASTM E84

This test method is intended to compare the surface flame spread and smoke developed measurements to those obtained from the tests of mineral fiber cement board and select grade red oak flooring. The results are expressed as Flame Spread Index and Smoke Developed Index.

Class A Interior Finish:

Flame Spread Index 0-25, Smoke Developed Index 0-450. Includes any material classified at 25 or less on the flame spread test scale and 450 or less on the smoke developed test scale. Any element thereof when so tested shall not continue to propagate fire.

Class B Interior Finish:
Flame Spread Index 26-75, Smoke Developed Index 0-450. Includes any material classified at 25 but not more than 76 on the flame spread test scale and 450 or less on the smoke developed test scale.
ASTM E84 Class A Certification
| ASTM E84 Class B Certification | FlameShield Physical Properties Sheet | FlameShield MSDS


*Note: These images illustrate the various color combinations. Due to the wide variances in computer monitors and printers, King Plastic Corporation does not recommend using these graphics for color matching purposes. Please contact your distributor for details.

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